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How to Make Any Room Extra Glam

If you've been following us on Instagram (which you definitely should be, @satinandslate) you know that lately we've been inspired by a lot of blush tones, delicate accents and lavish interiors. While everyones definition of glam can be vastly…
Satin and Slate Interiors

How to Harmoniously Blend Two Different Design Styles

Those that know me (or follow me on Instagram) know that I take the color pink very, seriously. By seriously, I mean that nearly everything in my life is pink: my bedroom, my wardrobe, my cell phone, my laptop, the interior of my car (I’m…

Best Mid Century Modern Architecture in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a Southern California vacation hotspot for many reasons, one of them being the fact that it is incredibly hot. Another, are the iconic, mid century modern homes artfully placed throughout the city. Since the 1920’s, progressive…
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Satin & Slate Showroom

We got our paint on. That’s right! Our Satin & Slate showroom studio remodel is coming along! But first, let us set the tone: all hands on deck, hair up, sweats and sneakers on, smiles throughout. Unwanted wall anchors were removed, different…
Key West

Inspiring Key West Homage

We've been running around doing a million things (which seems to be a big part of starting a firm). This is the first I've had in a long time to catch up with you all! So what's new? Where to start? Who knows! Maybe, we can get you as excited…
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Good VibesSatin and Slate Interiors

Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes! This week has been full of ups and downs. Starting a new firm is meant to be a very happy and exciting time, nothing but good vibes. Sometimes there are moments that start to nip at small joys. In our office, it's been very important…

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