The process behind the picture

On social media, we always see the best of things. The picture where you look the best, the best angle, the best lighting, and the best editing. But what about all the work that goes into making that perfect picture, all the behind the scenes that nobody gets to see, shouldn’t that count for something? A big misconception about interior design is that they are the decorators. Can they be? Yes. Is that all they do? Absolutely not. Interior designers use so much more than pintrest inspo board and instagram to create their designs. It’s a science and an art. Today we will be talking about a few steps that are often left behind when showcasing the final product of a design.

Obviously, everyone does things differently. Here is a sneak peak on the process OUR designers take to get to the pretty picture.


The first step in this process would be to actually have a client to meet with! When this happens, they will listen to the client and get an idea of what they’re looking for. Pintrest and instagram are great tools for inspiration, however one of our designers mentioned that clients usually change their mind after seeing all the options out there. If they’re a good fit for us and vice versa, yay the process continues.


Once agreement are made, the fun starts. Our designers send out a rough sketch of what they’re thinking. When things are confirmed, we come out and take exact measurements so they can start creating a more realistic design. This is no walk in the park, however. This is where the part of interior design being a science comes in. All the precise measurements and little details must be accounted for. The art aspect comes  into play here as well when clients come and pick out materials. Our showroom is full of AMAZING materials from stone and tile to all types of fabrics. This is where you can see the creativity unfold! The designer will be running all around mixing and matching concepts the average person wouldn’t think of. However, the ultimate goal is to create something with the clients interest in mind that’s why it is a collaborative effort.


Fast forward many steps, after several calls and meetings with contractors and other people working to get the perfect picture, the project begins. Now, a designers job is NOT done once they reach this step. They’re there getting their hands and shoes dirty with sawdust by physically going to sites.  They are there every step of the way to make sure everything is going as planned!

Bottom line is, there is a lot more than what we see on social media and it deserves to be recognized! If you would like to see the rent progress pictures of our current projects, check out our instagram @satinandslate with pretty pictures to follow…