Reviews & Ratings

In this page you will find some of our clients’ testimonials.  Our goal is to become the best we can be so we can help our clients achieve their interior design dream.

Our General Contractor, Builder Boy, referred us to Satin & Slate.  We worked with Thomas and his team (primarily Vanessa) as part of our Kitchen Remodeling project.  They have achieved the look we were aiming for and more!  It has now been about a year since moving into our home and newly renovated kitchen, and Now, we are kicking ourselves for not doing a WHOLE HOUSE design with Satin & Slate (even though we are not planning on remodeling the whole house just yet).

In short, as long as you know what style/look/feel you are trying to achieve, Thomas and his team will help bring your vision to life!  Just be patient, communicative, and decisive.  Would love to work with Satin & Slate again for the rest of our house.  2/2/21