About Satin & Slate Interior Design Company

Founded in 2017, Satin and Slate is a full service interior design firm specializing in residential renovations, boutique commercial spaces and working directly with contractors.

We are one of the elite interior design studios in Southern California; located in Long Beach, this dedicated team of designers oversees from kitchen and bathroom renovations to commercial projects.

We are equipped with a showroom/studio that can satisfy the needs of any client. Featuring clean lines, bright colors and fresh ideas Satin and Slate’s mission is to bring your vision to life and help transform your space into something extraordinary.  We understand the importance of a home that welcomes you when opening the door, or a storefront that reflects your brand beautifully to the community.

Our team of experienced interior designers have made quality and value a priority, so we always want to take on this project with you, not for you. Specializing in tailored and timeless spaces that feature charming architectural details, bold pieces and unexpected textures, we strive to create a home that reflects, above all, who you are.

We are excited to help you pull your room together or completely renovate your home. We’ll take you through the ups and downs of our remodel or help you create your own clean slate.

Interior Designers Irvine California
Interior Designers Irvine California