What Is Closet Design? Do I really need someone to design my closet?

With the right closet design you can take any space and turn it into a utility that’s functional and offers more storage options to keep your life organized. A well-designed closet can make it easier to find and access clothing and other items, and can also help to keep the space clean and free of clutter. Closet design primarily focuses on space planning but also includes keeping in mind the right shelving, hanging rods, and storage solutions for the specific items that will be stored in the closet, as well as choosing materials and finishes that complement the overall style and aesthetic of the space. A closet designer is a must if you expect your closet to fit your lifestyle and personality while being able to house all the items that are important to you and make you unique.

Who’s Our Closet Designer?

Every closet design is unique. And there’s no better way to pamper yourself then to start visualizing your dream closet. At Satin & Slate we are fortunate to have one of the most talented closet designers in all of Southern California. If you’re looking for closet design in Orange County, consider Satin & Slate as your go to contractor for all storage solutions.

Meet Milenka

Milenka has been helping people with custom storage solutions for the last 14 years and is an expert in space planning. A graduate of Art Institute, she gained experience working for a high end furniture manufacturer arranging furniture showrooms across the country and internationally before moving to residential and commercial design. She describes her style as “modern eclectic” and loves to mix bold colors and patterns and pop art with neutral backdrops. She takes a very practical approach to design to make sure things are just as functional as they are beautiful.


Milenka was born and raised in Huntington Beach, where she currently lives with her two daughters and 2 kitties. She is passionate about health and wellness and can be found at the gym or yoga studio in her free time. She also loves travel, concerts, stand up paddling, baking, and flower arranging.

How The Closet Design Process Works

So, you have decided that you have either outgrown your current closet or home (or both) and now it’s time to maximize every square inch of your space. Addressing the functionality of your closet is a great place to start. Most likely you have the standard shelf and pole that the builder put in and you are not making good use of the vertical space you have there.

Whether you have a “reach in closet”, a “walk in closet”, or a whole room you can dedicate to your wardrobe, a professional closet designer can show you how to maximize the storage space you have.

  • We start with an in-home consultation so we can measure the space, discuss your needs, and assess the items needing to be stored.
  • We determine how many short garments we can “double hang” and how many long garments need to be single hung and then we can fill in the rest of the space with shelving for shoes, handbags, folded clothes, books, etc.
  • Drawers are another great option you can add to take the place of your dresser and store smaller items in the closet.

Our closet designer will come up with layout options based on your preferences. Then, how you’d like your closet to look.

Closet Material Choices

There are several things you must consider when working with a closet designer to build your dream closet. Such as:

  • Colors of material to choose from
  • Different drawer face styles
  • Hardware options

And there are also lots of closet accessories you can add such as:

  • Tie and belt racks
  • Laundry hampers
  • And ironing boards

Once your done choosing all your options, it’s time to create a 3D rendering to help you visualize what the closet will look like. In addition to your rendering, a quote is also generated based on all your selected items. You can modify the design as needed. Once your decisions are final, you are ready to move forward with scheduling the build.

Most closet companies require a 50% deposit and so do we. Installation is typically 4-6 weeks away from the time of deposit. The installation of a single closet only takes a portion of a day and you can move your things in the same day. However, occasionally delays may occur and that is expected with custom jobs due to material shortages, delivery delays, etc. But, we always do our best to keep the project to a strict timeline which is why we put so much effort into planning and communicating with you throughout the entire process.

Custom Closet Design By Milenka
Pearl - Civil Engineer

I have worked with Emma and the team at Satin & Slate on two projects, bathroom and kitchen, over the past two years and they are such an incredibly creative and easy team to work and communicate with!

Pearl - Civil Engineer

My husband and I had a great experience working with Emma and Chandler from Satin & Slate during our bathroom remodel.

Pearl - Civil Engineer

Emma made our master bath remodel ez and quick. She was a delight to work with, a true professional.

Pearl - Civil Engineer

Thomas and his team will help bring your vision to life!

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