Our Design Process

Our Design Process is set up to meet the client’s wants and needs in their desired project.  Below you will find the general steps we follow for each project.  It is important to note that every project requires different services from us and thus this process always gets personalized.


We’re thrilled to create a clean slate with you!  Make sure you sign your contract, fill out your questionnaire, send over your ten inspirational photos and log into the client portal.  Let’s get it started!


Now that we’ve collected these gems, we’ve going to get to work.  Now is the time when we do our thing and put together an amazing collection of unique products for your unique space.


Presentation time!  Come on out to The Studio and see what we’ve been working on for your special spaces!  We will prepare an array of materials for you to see.  Should you need any revisions, we’ll get them back to you asap to keep the ball rolling, but the rest is up to you!

Plan with Elevations 3
Long beach Bathroom Remodel


Now that we love the design, we’ll send over the design concepts to some contractors for you to get accurate bids.  We’ll start to quote out all of your furniture selections and double check every measurement.


Come by The Studio for our final design meeting, where we’ll go over the finalized quote and selections to make sure you love every single thing.  Now that you’ve paid and we place the order, prepare for you custom items and schedule the vendors!


While drapery is being stitched, packages are being shipped and quality checked.  While headboards are being built and upholstered, wallpaper is being cut and hung.  We are nearing the big day and triple checking every item on our list as each day passes.


Installation Day is here!! We are so happy to be here and we’re glad you let us in! Now go grab a lunch or have a spa day while we transform  this beautiful space.  Each install is a clean slate and we’re the lucky ones for getting to be included.