Commercial Interior Design

When you think of interior design in Orange County, the first picture that pops in your head is most likely the inside of a home with beautiful furniture and textiles laid out over a gorgeous color palette and an open floor plan. However, when you hear the word commercial, you probably wouldn’t pair it with interior design unless you’re an architect or an interior designer yourself. Believe it or not, business owners usually don’t know that hiring an interior designer to plan their concept is an option. Instead, we find that most business owners rely on a general contractor to get it done. Ironically, general contractors will not look at a commercial space through the eyes of potential customers but rather through the eyes of their workers and how fast they can get the job done. And usually, this means less focus form and more emphasis on function, leaving the customer experience nowhere to be seen. So, if you are planning to open a restaurant, remodel your reception area, or make room for more retail space, you might want to consider hiring an interior designer to plan it all out for you.