How to Harmoniously Blend Two Different Design Styles

Those that know me (or follow me on Instagram) know that I take the color pink very, seriously. By seriously, I mean that nearly everything in my life is pink: my bedroom, my wardrobe, my cell phone, my laptop, the interior of my car (I’m not joking) and if I had things my way even my dog would be pink, but unfortunately, science has not delivered us the gift of corgi-chihuahua mixes in a shade of cotton candy, yet. 

So naturally, when I found out that a close friend of mine and I would be getting an apartment together, my brain began to do backflips as I tried to wrap my head around two things:

01. I would no longer be living in my dream bedroom, the pink palace I’ve called home for the last 4 years. 

and 02. My roommate’s style is much more bohemian, while I’m feminine glam. How on earth would I be able to make this work?


If it were up to me, the entire apartment would resemble that scene in Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette”, where Kirsten Dunst and her friends are eating macaroons and other pastries, drinking champagne and trying on fabulous clothes sent in from French designers. 

However, I knew that wasn’t exactly an option; so, instead, I phoned a friend (to be more precise, I walked 20 feet to their desk). Two of them to be exact. Luckily, I am working alongside some talented interior designers for the Summer and they gave me a plethora of great advice. After a long brainstorming session, 15 Pinterest boards and countless hours of scouring furniture websites to find the perfect pieces, I’ve picked up a couple tricks on how to flawlessly harmonize two very different personal styles:





01. Focus on a color palette that both parties can agree on, and stick to it.

By color palette, I’m referring to a small collection of colors (3-4, tops) to refer back to when choosing staple items for the space. When choosing our color scheme, we decided on navy blue, white and gold. Our couch, the largest piece in the room, is a crisp, dark navy with a denim-like-feel. I love the feeling of it because not only is it incredibly comfortable, but the plushness is reminiscent of a soft, cotton t-shirt you’ve washed a few times, but still holds its shape. Very organic, and very perfect for laying on while binge watching Gossip Girl.

In addition to the couch, our coffee table as well as media stand are both white. We both agreed that the white would kind of “clean up” the room, and create a contrast against such a dark couch.

Unfortunately, we were unable to paint over our beige walls, so we’re stuck with those. But hey, at least it’s a neutral color, right?

02. Go for the gold (or just metallic).

In addition to the other pieces in the room, our bar cart alongside the couch is gold, as well as the standing lamp across the room. The metallic accessories provide a “glam” element, while still being a somewhat natural component.

03. Consult with one another before purchasing anything.

Before talking through our couch decision with my roommate, I was just a chip insert away from purchasing a white leather couch instead of the navy perfection we have now. When I texted her asking if she’d be around the apartment the next day in time for the delivery, she nearly blocked my phone number when I told her the color. For a second, I thought she was going to change the lock on our door while I was gone. Moral of the story, don’t make major decisions on behalf of someone who’s paying half the rent.

04. Be in acceptance of becoming a crazy plant lady.

I’m a big fan of fresh flowers in nearly every room for many reasons. One, they’re gorgeous, and I’m talking specifically about the pink peonies from Devynn’s Garden on 2nd Street, and two, they cleanse the air, keep the room smelling fresh, and did I already mention that they’re gorgeous? Luckily, my roommate and I are both big advocates for keeping the apartment organic and lush by utilizing flowers, succulents, hanging plants, etc. in each room. However, we are well aware of how quickly too many plants can be an overkill. Trust me, we’re not trying to make our living room look like a scene from Jumanji either (the original with Robin Williams, duh).

05. “Au naturale” textiles are the safest bet.

One of the biggest takeaways from my chat with the lovely interior designers, is to seamlessly integrate organic, natural fibers within the textiles in the space which can be easily achieved through pillows, rugs, etc. Our beautiful couch is cotton, which is a plant based fiber; hence, its ability to maintain a luxurious comfort while still feeling very rustic.

And those are a few of my tips and tricks! For any interior design consultations, questions, ideas or testimonies, click here.