Influence of nature on interior design

It’s no coincidence that when we think of a place to relax it usually somewhere in nature. Weather it’s a tropical beach, the mountains, or the woods. Nature has a natural (ha) calming factor. So what does this have to do with interior design? The question is what DOESN’T it have to do with interior design. Influences of nature are everywhere and for a good reason. There are thousands of products that try to imitate wood or feathers or leaves or flowers, the list goes on and on. Today were going to focus on 3 elements in nature that are brought into interior design.

Natural Sunlight 

Natural light is something that is often overlooked but can change the whole dynamic of a room. It can add more depth and bring out colors that didn’t stand out before. It’s important to note where the light will hit and coordinate how big windows should be in order to get the proper amount of lighting. Besides who doesn’t love perfect selfie lighting brought to you by the natural light in your home!


This is a modern design added a little bit of nature by creating the wall of leaves behind the sofa. The plants triple as a natural stress reliever, pop of color and decor! Even a simple house potted plant can make the world of difference in the ambiance of the room. You can never have too many plants!

Wood elements 

While this one may be obvious since wood floors are a popular choice, its important to note there are many tiles that also imitate wood. Weather your style is modern, rustic, classic or industrial there is always a way to add wooden elements to a room. This gives a warm feeling and depending on the color, it can create a dramatic contrast.