How to Make Any Room Extra Glam

If you’ve been following us on Instagram (which you definitely should be, @satinandslate) you know that lately we’ve been inspired by a lot of blush tones, delicate accents and lavish interiors. While everyones definition of glam can be vastly different, ours means good old fashion, over the top decadence within a home.

Here are a couple of our favorite tips and tricks to achieve this elegance in just about any room.


01. Fresh Flowers

On Wednesdays we wear pink ??? #liketkit ?

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Flowers are fabulous for many reasons, but our favorite reason is definitely the color. The vibrance is something that only fresh flowers can provide and instantly brighten up any room. Peonies are a personal favorite, but obviously, any preference will do.  

02. Gold Accents 

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Going for the gold is a tip I’ve mentioned in the past and truly, what’s more glam than gold? It’s the color of elegance, royalty, and chicness. Obviously, an overdone amount of gold can turn tacky incredibly quickly, so it’s important to pick your gold accent pieces sparingly, yet effective. A great way to utilize gold is through picture frames, jewelry boxes, lamps, vases, etc. Going for the gold is so simple, you just have to know what you’re doing.

03. Wall Art

In addition to being one of the greatest accessories to any room, having art on the walls is such a unique, personable way to showcase ones personality. Whether it’s from a local artist, Etsy, or painted by yours truly, art is incredibly fabulous.

04. Cake Stands

Keeping my perfumes like this now ??✨

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I’ve learned a lot of great lessons in life. One of the most incredible being to always remember that everything happens for a reason, another, is that cake stands can and should be used for sooooo much more than holding cake. Not only are they effortlessly charming, but I  feel like Marie Antoinette every time I go to grab my Prada Candy perfume from my cake stand turned perfume tower, and I’m very into that.

05. Plush Pillows

One of the best things about a plush set of pillows is how they instantly turn any sofa, love seat, bed, etc. into an invitation. Have you ever wanted to come home from a long day and cuddle up onto a sofa with no pillows? Didn’t think so. Not only are they inviting, but they can be utilized as incredible statement pieces within a room as well. Mix them up with different colors, patterns, textiles, etc. for a funky, creative twist.


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