Step By Step

During this hectic, loud and crazy process we are constantly reminded that all things are temporary. As we build the company step by step, a lot of the prep work will be wiped away and no one will see what went into this in a few years. Part of this is the reason we are excited to documenting each step. We want to look back one day and say WOW! Look where we came from!

Step By Step

Currently, my office is being used as the materials room and the materials room is getting a full remodel. There are stones, catalogs, and samples everywhere! We are actually doing a decent job at staying organized with our other duties as we clean up this mess. We are setting up amazing vendors like Stikwood, York Wall, Waylon Flooring and Ottimo Ceramics. They are helping us curate an amazing materials library and are contributing to the makeover.

Clients will be able to choose all of their materials. From the materials for their kitchen, to the fabric for drapery and pillows, to the accessories for their mantle. We are so excited to be able to bring these beautiful designs together in one convenience space. A one stop shop. =)


We Love Stuff!!

Step by StepStep by StepStep by Step

Design Tip:

Wall treatments are one of the easiest ways to transform a room! Whether it be the rustic look of wood paneling or the elegant and classic touches of wallpaper, a small investment in an accent wall can be the change your space needs! 



So what’s next? Cleaning up the demo, of course! We are closing off the door to the tester room and extending and adding to the steps to make them comfortable for all. We’re going to add some amazing doors to the massive opening that leads to the materials room that will help to make this space a cozy and quiet presentation room for clients to enjoy. Wait til you see the aftermath.

Step by StepStep by Step


There’s so much more to do but we are excited each step of the way. Every inconvenience is a lesson, and every success feels like we landed on the moon! Being able to do what you love bring such purpose to your life. We want to make sure that when you return home from doing what you love, that your home will greet you with love right back!


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