Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes

Good Vibes!

This week has been full of ups and downs. Starting a new firm is meant to be a very happy and exciting time, nothing but good vibes. Sometimes there are moments that start to nip at small joys. In our office, it’s been very important to make sure that we don’t let that happen. We want to focus on the biggest and best things happening in our lives. NOTHING is bigger than the remodel of our firm! We finally have the plans complete and every single inch accounted for! Stay tuned to make sure that you get the first look at our new design studio.


Designer Helping Designers

One of the exciting bits about our new design studio is that we plan to open the space exclusively to designers, contractors and other industry partners. With a designated co work space, and a welcoming and inspiring environment, we hope to build a den for creativity, art and design. This studio will be fully equipped with samples ranging from fabrics, wallpapers and trims to counter-top slabs, accent tiles and flooring. With a beautiful conference room, this studio is designed to make the client the guest of honor. We want to make creating for them as simple as pie.



What this means for you?


A Beautiful Showroom

Satin & Slate will be curating and displaying a collection of materials from premium vendors and brands that represent what design is all about. From a large fabric and wallpaper library, to a hard materials section stocked with back splash and counter-top samples, we will have everything in house for each unique client.

Industry Networking

Opening this showroom to designers, contractors, vendors, creatives and other industry partners creates a den for professional networking and creative collaborations. Satin & Slate promotes learning and growing in this industry and looks forward to creating a space that encourages that.

Co-Work Spaces

We are offering shared work spaces and memberships that allow designers who are starting out to present themselves boldly, in a beautiful and welcoming studio and showroom that clients will appreciate. Access to materials, conference rooms, wifi and more, means creating a clean slate for yourself as well.


Other than that, tata for now! We look forward to bringing you more updates on this renovation and the plans we have for the design studio. If you have any questions or requests for us, please do not hesitate to contact us!  If you’re a designer and you want more information, hit us up! It’s exciting to have people over for a tour of the construction zone! We know you can see the light =)


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