Paint Ideas For An Open Floor Plan

Need paint ideas for an open floor plan? In this article, we discuss how to choose the right paint for an open floor plan – more importantly, how to start the process.

An open floor plan makes a space feel larger and more inviting. While this floorplan style is very popular, the lack of walls can make it tricky to pick out a paint color that will work for the entire space.

At Satin & Slate, we work with homeowners and businesses to customize their homes and offices into a dream space that’s beautiful and also functional for everyday life. We use the most popular styles and color schemes to transform spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. Our clients often come to us with questions regarding choosing the right paint color.

Open Floor Plan Paint Ideas

What is an open floor plan? Is it the same meaning as an open concept?

An open floor plan in residential architecture refers to a dwelling in which two or more common spaces have been joined to form a larger space by eliminating partition walls. Also called an open concept, keep in mind, any floor plan combining two or more rooms that are traditionally divided with a floor-to-ceiling wall and, possibly, a door is still an open concept.

Half walls separating the kitchen and living room? Still open concept. Screen divider sectioning off the game room? Because it’s movable, still an open floor plan. As long as you can engage with people in multiple rooms without a permanent wall between you, it qualifies.

Create A Color Palette For An Open Floor Plan

If you leave this article with only one takeaway, let it be this: you do not need to use just one color throughout an open floor plan. Even without walls to break up the space, you are still able to incorporate multiple paint shades. The key is to choose a coordinating color palette that is harmonious. This color palette will be used throughout the entire space and can be further enhanced by using furniture and décor in similar colors. 

How Many Colors Should You Use In An Open Floor Plan?

We recommend choosing 3-5 colors to use throughout the space.

  • Choose a white or very light color for the base
  • Choose 1-2 neutrals
  • Choose 1-2 supporting colors to give some personality to the space

If 5 different colors seems like too much, you can also choose 3-5 different tones of the same color. There are also different paint finishes you can use that will each add a different effect to your walls. This will add some variation but still keep it simple.

Pick An Accent Wall If A Color Palette Is Too Much

If having 5 colors throughout your home seems like too much, then stick to white or an off-white and choose to make one accent wall that will pop in a bright color. When choosing to do an accent wall, you have more flexibility in the color choice as you do not have to stick within a color palette.

Ready to Begin Your Project?

There is more flexibility to painting an open floor plan than most people think. However, we know choosing the right colors can be overwhelming. That’s why the Satin & Slate design team is happy to help with each step of the process to make your design dreams come to life. Contact us today to set up a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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