Different Types of Paint Finishes to Consider for your Home

The history of paint goes as far back as 40,000 years ago, maybe older.

Some History

History documents that paint was made up of all-natural ingredients and raw materials before the evolution of technology. 

Cavemen painted symbols and images on cave walls to show elements of their daily lives with handprints or figures of animals. 

Hieroglyphics are a form of writing, found in Ancient Egypt, painted on the interior walls of large structures, tombs, statues, memorials and more. 

While the work of cavemen prominently used colors like red and black, hieroglyphics were created with a wider variety of colors.

Today. . .

As time passed, the natural materials that made up paint were replaced with more sustainable materials like oil, water, lead and more.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is more chemical based. When applied, acrylic paint dries quickly and becomes water resistant. This paint type is more ideal for painting smaller spaces.

If you are looking to use acrylic paint to cover an oil based paint, the acrylic base will not hold well. This can also make painting larger areas difficult.

  • More flexible, adheres and expands to the surface when drying, ensuring fewer cracks and flakes.
  • More expensive than Latex paint
  • Good for exterior projects, sun resistant

Latex Paint

Latex paint is water based and made from acrylic-resin. This paint type is more ideal for painting larger spaces because it is usually provided in larger quantities.

  • Fast Drying
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheaper than Acrylic paint
  • Fewer fumes
  • Requires fewer coats

Interior Paint

Paint primarily varies and exists for almost every occasion, from home design to hobby-life. There are different finishes of paint for almost every occasion.

When choosing a paint type for the interior of your home, there are about 5 different finishes to choose from. 

The finish you choose depends on how you would like the inside of your home to look. 

Paint roller and can. Photo by Sven Brandsma.

Matte – Matte paint has the least amount of shine and provides the most coverage with fewer coats needed. However, it is the least durable of the finishes and can be damaged when used with a cleaner or any related chemical compound. 

Eggshell – The Eggshell finish has a low sheen and is more durable than a flat paint, like matte. Due to its makeup, eggshell is not as durable as satin or gloss finishes. The durability and low sheen makes eggshell the most used paint finish for interior painting.

Satin Satin paint is very common for interior use. This finish comes with a medium level sheen and is much easier to clean. Satin paint can be used in any room of the home with minor care needed in the event of a spill or splash.

Semi-gloss – Semi-gloss paint is shiny, very durable and mildew resistant. This finish is best used in rooms where a lot of moisture is present, like bathrooms and kitchens.

High-gloss – The High-gloss finish is the shiniest of them all and the most durable. They can be used for almost everything and anything, but require careful application for an even look.

Exterior Paint

Unlike the recommended Interior paint types, exterior paint options are limited. Because the outside of a home is more subject to weathering and damage over time, a flat paint is recommended. 

While paint with a gloss finish is more durable, the high level of sheen highlights and points out damage to the walls. 

Flat paints reinforced for exterior use can hide imperfections with no problem, but are also harder to clean.

Blue Home painted by Paint Boy. Photo taken by David Oliveira.

Flat Flat finishes provide the least amount of sheen. It has a dry / smooth feel and is most recommended for the exterior of a home because it can cover the visible wear and damage done or added to the exterior of a home.

Satin / Eggshell – Satin and Eggshell finishes have a little more sheen. It covers visible imperfections to the home’s exterior but not as well as a flat paint. 

Satin / Eggshell are easier to clean and are smoother to the touch. 

The extra shine this finish has, gives the home a more sophisticated look, making it a popular choice for exterior paint.

Elastomeric – Elastomeric paint is 10 times thicker than normal paint. It has been recomposed to become water resistant and even cover up thin cracks to prevent further wall damage. 

Elastomeric paint can be used over concrete, stucco, masonry, and other related coverage. It can even be applied to the roof. This paint can retain its color for a long amount of time and minimizes the appearance of wear and tear.

To Finish Off . . .

Paint used on the inside or outside of your home depends on your home’s needs. Picking out a finish that fits with your personal lifestyle can be tricky. It is easy to fall down the rabbit hole of paint types without a smooth finish.

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