Modern Farmhouse: 10 Exterior & Interior Design Ideas

Ready to change up the style of your home? Modern farmhouse is a great minimalist style that is as contemporary as it is charming.

At Satin & Slate, we are a full service interior design company that transforms homes into a dream space that’s beautiful and also functional for everyday life. We often receive requests from clients to help them achieve a modern farmhouse look.

To help get you inspired, we have compiled modern farmhouse design ideas for the interior and exterior of your home.

Modern Farmhouse

5 Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

  • Go All White
  • Board And Batten
  • Barn Style Front Door With A Pop Of Color
  • Dark Trim
  • Porch

All White Modern Farmhouse Exterior

You can’t go wrong with an all white exterior. While it’s a more traditional look that is more of the classic farmhouse style, it offers a clean first impression and a base for adding small accents of color. You can add pops of color such as dark trim or a dark front door

Board And Batten Modern Farmhouse

Board and batten siding offers a country look with wood planks but with an updated appearance courtesy of the molding, or batten. This type of siding provides texture and dimension to a home’s exterior.

Front Doors For Modern Farmhouse Style

A door is a simple way to make a big statement to your home’s exterior style. When looking to enhance your modern farmhouse style with your front door, consider the following options:

  • An oversized barn door is the perfect farmhouse
  • A door with sidelights
  • Double doors
  • A door in a bright accent color
  • A black door for contrast
  • A door with glass windows

The right door will offer an elegant enhancement to your home.

Dark Trim On A Modern Farmhouse

Dark trim is a popular and striking feature on a modern farmhouse, especially when the home is white. The dark trim offers contrast that accentuates the home’s features.

Modern Farmhouse Porch Ideas

A porch is a classic feature when it comes to a farmhouse, and can be given an updated look to make it modern. Railings and an open design are both synonymous with porches. They can be in any material including brick, wood, or concrete.

5 Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

  • Less Is More
  • White Kitchen
  • Mix and Match Materials
  • Rustic Accent Pieces
  • Keep A Humble, Approachable Look
Modern Farmhouse

Keep It Simple When Decorating Modern Farmhouse

Less is more with a modern farmhouse. The design takes a minimalist approach that we can live with less. The space should feel airy and bright and be free from clutter.

Modern Farmhouse White Kitchen

From the tiles to the counters to the cabinets, white is in when it comes to modern farmhouse kitchens. The all white palette allows features like modern lighting and gold/brass hardware to really pop.

Mix and Match Materials In Modern Farmhouse Design

Consider metal with wood, leather with fabric, or brick with wood. When it comes to this design style, mixing materials for furniture and design pieces is encouraged. This gives you flexibility when it comes to choosing pieces you love. It’s also encouraged to blend old with new- an antique fixture among modern pieces is visually interesting and gives the space character.

Incorporate Rustic Accent Pieces In Modern Farmhouse Design

Highlight the farmhouse element of your new design with barn-style design pieces. These can include rustic beams, lanterns, barn doors, and reclaimed wood.

Modern Farmhouse Keeps A Humble, Approachable Look

Your overall design, including furniture, fixtures, and design accent pieces, should all feel very modest. Even if it costs a lot to obtain a modern farmhouse look, it shouldn’t look like it. The modern farmhouse design represents ‘casual sophistication’ and should not be overwhelming.

Looking To Incorporate Modern Farmhouse Style Into Your Home?

Modern farmhouse is a beautiful design style that will enhance any home. Let the Satin & Slate design team help bring your modern farmhouse design dreams to life. Contact us today to set up a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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