For the past year office interior design has taken the back seat when it comes to design because with Covid-19 in the rise working remotely has been the safest option to maintain a healthy workforce.

The pandemic has changed how we do everything from running errands, working and socializing.  In this past year that we have been working from home, we have arrange our offices to be in our homes but soon, hopefully with the vaccine being administered, we will be able to return to our workplace.

Before we are able to return to the workplace we need to rearrange, change and add CDC guidelines to maintain our workforce healthy and secure.  Our designers are ready to apply those guidelines in any office design.

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Whichever model any company is ready to use, the guidelines needed to keep the workplace safe and healthy need to be apply to any office design.

At Satin & Slate Interiors we are ready to help you with any of these guidelines, so the employees do not only feel safe to return to the office but also they have peace of mind when working in the office.

We are aware of the importance of having a safe space to come back to work at, we are also prepared to change our method of thinking about what the office has to offer to the employees.

According to a hybrid model of alternating working remotely and coming to the office a couple of days a week is the future of the workplace.

Some companies are ready to get rid of an office setting and only do remote working since they have seen an increase in productivity. However, the majority of companies are ready to compromise for a hybrid model since new employees need more resources than those that have been working for more than 5 years in the same company.

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Founded in 2017, Satin and Slate is one of the elite interior design studios in Southern California. Located in Long Beach, this dedicated team of designers oversees from kitchen and bathroom renovations to commercial projects. Equipped with their own showroom/studio they can satisfy the needs of any client. Featuring clean lines, bright colors and fresh ideas Satin and Slate’s mission is to bring your vision to life and help transform your space into something extraordinary.

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