Sincerely, Slate

Saying this week was jammed packed would be an understatement.  So proud of the girls for enduring the grand mess we call inventory and staying dedicated to sourcing the best materials in Southern California.

Loving our new wallpapers!  Our York rep came by with some amazing goodies for us and we moved the whole studio around to accommodate them! We love how everything is coming together in here and we know you want some. Come check it out!

ppointments are filling up for THE STUDIO tours.  We’ve been able to show some great Long Beach residents and industry professionals our space and the results have been amazing!

Take advantage of January’s savings with 50% off all design consultations!  We want to help you get the year started right and make it easy for you to be inspired!

Ended the week with some more inventory, some exciting new clients and a full week ahead.   The year is off to such a great start and we’re so excited that you are all on this ride with us!

What’s Next?

This week was amazing and we can only hope that next week will be even better!  We’ve got some great presentations in the works! Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!  In the meantime, follow our instagram (cause our stories are amazing) and have a great, safe holiday weekend!  We’ll see you soon.