Funky Femmes Mood Board


Fun, Fun, Fun! Two fashion obsessed brand ambassadors living in the cutest loft in Weho can constantly be inspired by their entry and breakfast nook.  Which obviously also moonlights as a desk, hair salon and game table. Bright pops of colors and a bold wallpaper can make all the difference in tiny spaces. Also, making sure that you have tons of character jam packed in to each piece, will ensure that you never get bored or feel unmoved. Some of our favorite spaces to do, are the ones that have minimal space with maximum punch!

Interested in any of the pieces on our mood board or in getting a mood board created for yourself? Have a space that you need some guidance or another set of (professional) eyes on? Contact us here and get 50% off of any design consultation if booked before the end of the month.

See you next week for another Moody Monday!


-Satin & Slate