Warmed Rum Mood Board

In the spirit of the new year, here’s another new segment for the New Year for #MoodyMondays from yours truly!  We’ve been so inspired by the projects we’re on, our amazing new vendors and all of the materials that have been passing through the studio that we’ve been creating some cool mood boards to share with you beautiful people every Monday!  I might be a little bias, but I’ve got to tell you – we have some of the moodiest boards you ever did see.  Let’s get into it!

Mood Boards: Warmed Rum

Toasty and toasted evenings are guaranteed in this elegant, yet warm space.  Clean lines speak of contemporary flair in the space, but the deep hues won’t let it feel pretentious.  Warm brass and wood tones are perfect with a bold matte velvet. Simple art lets all the pieces in the room find their light in this strong yet welcoming room.  Fun, clean, adult. We love it!

Interested in any of the pieces on our mood board or in getting a mood board created for yourself?  Have a space that you need some guidance or another set of (professional) eyes on?  Contact us here and get 50% off of any design consultation if booked before the end of the month.

See you next week for another Moody Monday!


-Satin & Slate