The Value of 3D Renderings

The ability to look at a 2D drawing and fully comprehend the functionality and practicality of the design takes years of practice. As a designer we always consider how the consumer will perceive all the information that we are presenting. This is where a 3D rendering can become a powerful visual aid for the aspect of a design that matters most, our clients! A 3D image allows us to communicate the full breadth of a design to an audience other than designers and builders.


While 2D drawings are very informative and important, they aren’t always the most effective when walking a client through the design process. A fully rendered 3D image of the design provides an in-depth visualization of the overall space and scale. It gives the consumer, designer and builder reviewing the design for bids a clear understanding of how and where items will be placed. For example: tile, fixtures, furniture, fabrics and art to name a few. This eliminates any confusion during the biding process for the builder as well as expensive change orders during the construction phase.


By providing detailed 2D plans, scope of work outline, and rendered 3D images, every party involved can be assured that the design will come together just as it was envisioned as well as aid in smoother execution of the design during the construction phase.
In short, below is a list of the key elements a fully rendered 3D can do for you!

  • Full visualization of how textures, colors and finishes coordinate with one another
  • Provide an understanding of the entire design vision
  • Encourages the designer to think in 3D and design every area big and small such as ceiling applications, wall features, floor layouts, etc.
  • The ability to envision yourself in your new and improved space

Remember that design is about function, form, and aesthetics. The art of 3D rendering is an important visual aid that serves to bring a project one step closer to reality!
Contributed by Sylvia Lopez
3D renderings and 2D plans courtesy of Alison Axelson