Design Consultation

Safety First! 

(At Satin & Slate, we are passionate about our work with you and want nothing more than to make you happy and comfortable. We value your happiness and prioritize your safety. Due to Covid-19 safety precautions, our staff and clientele are required to wear masks during every and any in person related meeting.)

What is a design consultation? 

A design consultation is an in-person meeting held at the client’s residence or business, where the full design process will be discussed between the client and one of our Satin & Slate designers.

Allowing our designer to meet at the client’s project location, gives our designer a better idea of the project space, and what the client is looking to have done. Our designer will also discuss how our design process works in detail and will be able to answer any questions the client may have.

During the consultation, the client will walk them through the project and the designer will provide the client with some ideas. Please note, the designer will not be taking measurements during the consultation.

How Long is a design consultation? 

The consultation can range anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. The time depends on the size of the project and what things need to be discussed regarding the project. 

How much is the design consultation deposit?

The consultation deposit costs $175. Upon signing, the cost of the consultation will be credited to the overall cost of the project. The consultation fee is required in order for the client to receive a proposal. 

What happens after the design consultation?

After the consultation, the designer the client met with will create a proposal for the client and will send the client the proposal in 2-3 business days. Once the client receives the proposal, we encourage them to review it and call or email the office if the client has any questions. If the client approves the proposal, then the client will sign the proposal and send it back to the designer.

The designer will then send over a contract and a pay link for the final deposit. Once the deposit has been collected and the contract has been signed, the designer will then schedule a meeting to go back to the project location to take measurements. Once the measurements have been taken, the designer will then work on the drawings. Please allow 4-8 weeks for the designer to complete the drawings.

About Us:

Founded in 2017, Satin and Slate is one of the elite interior design studios in Southern California. Located in Long Beach, this dedicated team of designers oversees from kitchen and bathroom renovations to commercial projects. Equipped with their own showroom/studio they can satisfy the needs of any client. Featuring clean lines, bright colors and fresh ideas Satin and Slate’s mission is to bring your vision to life and help transform your space into something extraordinary.