How Niche

Bathroom Shower designed by Satin & Slate. Photo by David Oliveira.

You know that bead of sweat that suddenly forms on the side of your head when you reach for the roll of toilet paper but feel the roll itself instead.

Well, that sucks. No really it does. And that is exactly why Wall Niche’s are one of the lesser known interior additions that should definitely be utilized by more households that are able.

What are Wall Niches?

Niche’s are new to my noggin and I never knew they existed until up about a couple weeks ago. 

Wall niches are hidden compartments that are built into the wall between plumbing fixtures. They can even elevate from the wall’s surface if you don’t want to cut out space in your wall. 

In this case, think of a medicine cabinet, but for toilet paper, shampoo, maybe even for kitchen spices or cooking utensils above your stove.

According to the National Bathroom and Kitchen Organization, your toilet paper roll should be 26 inches away from the floor. I had no idea there was a required height for a toilet paper holder.

Why… is this important?

Client bathroom shower and Niche designed by Satin & Slate. Photo by David Oliveira.

It’s for easy access to the TP. Great, we love that, but what does this have to do with Wall Niches? I’ll get to the point. With that height allowance provided above and with any free space behind your wall not running into any important pipes, you can add a wall niche to your home.

Exciting news, I know.

Niches are amazing space savers which is why apartment complexes, if they can or allowed, should definitely hop on this trend. 

It’s a great investment and an added bonus for potential tenants looking for extra space in a new…. space.

Think about all the things you can use a niche for.

Got some really cool bathroom decor but a toilet paper rack doesn’t fit in well? 

Wall Niche.

Forced to add a toilet paper basket on top of your toilet tank and you don’t have an extra outlet or sink counter space for that standing glade air freshener? 

Wall Niche.

Reaching back for a roll of toilet paper from the basket on top of the toilet tank hurting your back?

Wall Niche.

Don’t like having anything in your bathroom for no reason at all? 

Wall Niche

White Tile Kitchen complete with niche above sink designed by Satin & Slate. Photo by David Oliveira.

At Satin & Slate, we supply wall niche services provided by one of our partnered vendors, Easy Drain. 

Easy Drain provides a multitude of bathroom related components, their most prominent featuring the shower drain. Aside from their very sleek and highly efficient drain models, they also provide wall niches for toilet paper, shower essentials and even toilet brushes.

Their niche collection is named after “Box”, classified by their shape to match their varying design elements.

Easy Drain’s Niche’s are unique, fully customizable and are complete with eight select styles.

Box: Open niche.

C- Box: For more in depth space.

T-Box: Have your niche hide behind your walls. What niche?

F-Box: A niche with a frame. How niche.

W-Box: Wood frame! Not everything has to be metallic.

V-Box: Yes, you can hide your water valves. 

Shelf Box: Bring elevation to your bathroom walls, surface and height wise.

Solid Box: Simple, seamless, space saving.

Easy Drain’s niche sizes range from 15 x 15 cm to 120 x 30 centimetres. Along with fully customizable features including color and size, you can also select your desired finish from stainless steel to creme or even anthracite.

Niche doors are also tileable, which means if you’ve got tile walls in your bathroom, you can match the tile to the niche’s panel doors for a completely unnoticeable blend behind the sidelines. 

No corner or area of bathroom space will go left filled, and that’s a good thing.

Also throwing it out there, if you like LED’s, Easy Drain offers that for their niche’s as well. While having a niche door makes it easier to reload each roll, you can opt out of a door and just push one roll up at a time though the opening.

Wall niches are one of the coolest additions for a home I’ve come across. There’s a niche for literally, almost anything. 

Wanna add one to a hallway and display some nice art? You can do that. 

Not just because you can, but because it saves space! If I’ve learned anything, space is one thing a lot of new homeowners key into their list of must haves before signing. 

Seriously, if you want a niche for hiding something valuable, how niche would that be?

Poor puns aside…

Client Bathroom Designed by Satin & Slate. Photo by David Oliveira.

Whether for the kitchen or bathroom, whatever your needs, we can help you take care of it at our fully equipped studio here at Satin & Slate.

Let us join you on the journey of the struggle to find materials and furniture that fit your style. We’ll give you a tour and show you our regularly updated sample collection where you can decide what you like best.

Whatever your niche, style or space wise, we’ll help you find it.

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