Marber Avenue Full Home Remodel

Satin and Salte took on the task of turning a standard home into a comfortable luxury farmhouse. Nestled in a quiet location, this complete home remodel reflects a blend of upscale living and rural simplicity. The aim was to create a space that feels both refined and authentic, touching every aspect of the dwelling.

The focus of this project was on thoughtful design for each room, ensuring a smooth transition that captures the essence of a comfortable countryside lifestyle. The living spaces, designed to be spacious yet cozy, feature carefully chosen materials and furnishings that strike a balance between elegance and the tranquility of the surroundings.

The kitchen, as the central hub, was revamped with a farmhouse-inspired design, incorporating practicality with a touch of luxury. Custom cabinetry, quality finishes, and well-integrated appliances create a space that is both functional and visually appealing, connecting the heart of the home with the charm of farmhouse living.

In the bedrooms, comfort meets a touch of sophistication, with plush textures and refined tones creating an inviting retreat. The bathrooms, adorned with elegant rustic elements, offer a sense of indulgence, blending luxury with the down-to-earth charm of farmhouse living.

Throughout this remodel, Satin and Salte aimed to enhance the home, weaving together elements of upscale living and the timeless appeal of farmhouse comfort. Every corner of this renewed home tells a story of purposeful design, turning an ordinary space into a harmonious blend of comfort, understated luxury, and enduring beauty.

Project Year: 2023
City: Long Beach, Ca
Country: United States
Zip Code: 90803