Barbenell Home Remodel

Step into the completed Barbenell Project, which epitomizes the feel of Orang County Interior Design, where our vision of modern living takes center stage. In the bespoke bathroom, emerald ceramic tiles and contemporary design with a vintage feel redefine sophistication.

The Nordic-inspired modern bathroom brings clean lines and minimalist aesthetics to life, turning routines into moments of tranquility. Our modern luxe kitchen, a personal endeavor, showcases opulence with sleek emerald tile accents and high-end design.

The Barbenell Project epitomizes our commitment to refined living and modern aesthetics. It’s not just a space; it’s a crafted expression of modern luxury. Welcome to a home where the Barbenell Project becomes a testament to our dedication to creating a personalized, sophisticated living experience.

Project Year: 2024
City: Long Beach, Ca
Country: United States
Zip Code: 90803

The Kitchen

This modern luxe kitchen, a completed endeavor that exemplifies opulence and functionality. With sleek emerald tile accents and high-end design, this space transforms the culinary experience.

In the Barbenell kitchen, every detail is a testament to our dedication to modern luxury. From the clean lines to the vibrant emerald tiles, this project is a personalized expression of refined living. Welcome to a kitchen that goes beyond mere functionality – it’s a crafted masterpiece within the Barbenell Project, reflecting our commitment to sophisticated design and unparalleled aesthetics.

This Kitchen Features a custom bench and dining area, that lead into the common area