Top 10 Best Kitchen Interior Design Ideas In 2021

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the best home improvement investments you can make as it adds the most value to your home. If you’re ready to give your kitchen a facelift, draw some inspiration from the latest kitchen design trends.

At Satin and Slate, our team transforms kitchens into beautiful yet also functional spaces that will become the showpiece of your home. 

We know the importance of staying on top of the latest kitchen trends. To help inspire some ideas for your new kitchen remodel, we have compiled the top 10 best kitchen designs ideas for 2021.

Best Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

What Are The Top Kitchen Interior Design Ideas?

1.Darker Colors In Kitchen Design

For years, white cabinets have reigned supreme in kitchen style. 2021 is the year that kitchen color palettes get shaken up a bit to feature darker colors. Black, navy, emerald green and plum are shades you can expect to start seeing being featured more often in new kitchens. Dark colors have an elegant and dramatic effect when used correctly. You want the dramatic colors to be used more as a pop of color as opposed to throughout the entire kitchen to prevent the room from looking overpowered by dark tones.

2. Modern Clean Lines In Kitchen Design

Modern design is all about having a streamlined, simple look. This design style will continue to be very popular throughout 2021. To keep a kitchen from looking too simple, or boring, consider textured material. For example, tiles that are beveled or sculpted add a unique aesthetic to any design.

3. Kitchens With Neutral Colored Quartz Countertops

When it comes to countertops, Quartz has been a favorite for years in high-end kitchens. While we don’t see that trend stopping anytime soon, we do see more homeowners leaning towards picking Quartz in softer colors. Counters in finishes that are white, grey, or taupe are becoming more common. This helps enhance the “clean, streamlined” look that is so popular in contemporary design. 

4. More Cabinets For Kitchen Storage

This design idea incorporates appearance and function. Since simple, clean spaces without clutter for kitchens are preferred, that means having adequate storage solutions. 

Kitchen drawers are now also getting an upgrade. Advanced features such as drawer dividers for utensils, pull-out drawers, caddies to hold pots & pans, and wastebasket cabinets for garbage and recyclables are all excellent ideas to keep your kitchen beautiful and organized.

5. Walk In Pantry

As part of the theme of extra storage, pantries are now being expanded to be walk in spaces. This extra storage can not only hold household items, but some are being made to include holding extra appliances like a dishwasher or beverage refrigerator. This extra space also helps keep the kitchen looking clean and organized.

6. Large Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island has become a staple in nearly all recent remodels. Now, you can expect to see them become larger to serve more of a purpose. From extra cabinets for storage to built in under counter appliances, the kitchen island is transforming into the focal point of kitchens, with some even extending into living spaces for a casual dining setup.

7. Large Backsplashes

Backsplashes are also getting a size upgrade. Larger slabs of tile have become more popular as opposed to the smaller subway tile that were once preferred. Backsplashes are also larger in general, taking up more space on the wall with some even being installed up to the ceiling.

8. Smart Kitchen Appliances

Technology has even made its way into the kitchen. Smart appliances, such as double wall ovens, are becoming more prominent in kitchens. These appliances are wi-fi enabled and have advanced features such as personalized control via an app and notifications such as a refrigerator that lets you know when certain household items are running low.

Even if you choose to not go the “smart” route, new stainless steel kitchen appliances such as a dishwasher or over-the-range microwave will enhance your kitchen style.

9. Exhaust Hoods For Kitchen Remodels

Exhaust hoods serve a critical function in the kitchen by removing smoke and fumes from the air. However, they are now also a fashion piece. Homeowners are expected to start moving away from the traditional stainless steel hoods and becoming more decorative with the look of their hoods by using different types of materials such as metal.

10. Mixed Metals In The Kitchen

Speaking of metal, it’s being used more often since natural materials are very on-trend in contemporary design. The year’s design trends are pulling away from having everything match and allowing for a more eclectic look. Mixed metals, such as nickel hardware and gold faucets, will become much more common in kitchens.

Use The Top Kitchen Design Ideas On Your Home

Now that you’ve seen what the latest in kitchen design trends are, we know you must be feeling inspired and ready to give your kitchen the makeover it deserves. Let Satin and Slate help create the kitchen of your dreams. Get started on taking your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary by contacting Satin & Slate today.

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