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With all the amazing options for ranges and cooktops, it might be difficult to select which one’s right for you. Of course, it is important to have the perfect cookware and appliances to have a great cooking experience. 

This article may help you decide what works best with the configurations of your kitchen and counters.


Ranges are very popular and are the most common option found in homes because they do more than one task.

  • It is a combination of a stovetop, also known as a cooktop, and an oven.
  • It is placed in between the counters, giving off more of a commercial appearance.
  • The controls of ranges are positioned right in front of you.

Ranges are a perfect option for the multitasking cook who likes to sauté on the stove while having something roast in the oven.


A cooktop is a standalone appliance that integrates into countertops.

  • It features controls that are built into the cooking surface.

Cooktops are commonly found in modern homes because of their sleeker look.

The different types of range

A freestanding range is a standalone appliance that typically includes an oven and a cooktop in one unit.

It can be installed anywhere in the kitchen and is usually supported by its own legs.

Freestanding range

A slide-in range is similar to a freestanding range but is designed to fit snugly between cabinets.

The controls are usually located at the front of the range, and it typically has a built-in backsplash

Slide-in range

A drop-in range is similar to a slide-in range but is designed to be installed flush with the surrounding cabinetry.

It typically has a built-in backsplash and requires a separate base cabinet for support.

Drop-in range

A dual-fuel range combines a gas cooktop with an electric oven.

This type of range is popular among serious cooks because it offers precise temperature control and consistent heat.

Dual-fuel range

A gas range uses natural gas or propane to heat the cookware.

This type of range is popular among home cooks because it offers instant heat and precise temperature control.

Gas range

An electric range uses heating elements to heat the cookware.

This type of range is popular because it is easy to clean and offers consistent heat.

Electric range

The different types of cooktops

Gas cooktops

Gas cooktops use open flame for cooking which delivers instant heat. Heat can be easily adjusted with the knobs.

The flat surface makes cleaning easy and simple. Because the heat transfers straight to the bottom of the pot, or any cookware, it can make cooking quicker.

Induction cooktops

It is an induction cooktop that turns itself into its own source of heat. Most have designs of different sizes of circles that depict the size of cookware. 

The surroundings outside of the outlines do not collect heat so it is safe to set anything to the side without causing any damages to them because of electromagnetism.

Downdraft cooktops

No need for an overhead vent or hood! Its ventilation system goes through the flat surface. Because of that, you can save so much space and can extend more upper cabinets. 

This is a perfect cooktop for your kitchen if you’re going for an open space concept. What’s great to know is that they both come in gas or electrical appliances but just make sure what power hookup you have.

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