The History Behind This Retail Project

From design elements to floor plans and material selections, Satin and Slate’s interior designers worked hand-in-hand with OAV’s general contractor, throughout the entire construction process. Our interior design team and office of assistants helped design and submit plans to the city, pull permits, and make changes to make sure the store opened on time. The outcome, a beautifully designed store that is inviting and trendsetting. 

About Open Air Vintage

Interior Design Project For A Retail Store: Open Air Vintage Store In Long Beach, CA

Open Air Vintage is an aesthetically driven retail store with curated clothing, exclusive sneakers, plants and accessories. We strive to be economically friendly, as over half of the items in our store are second-hand, including a wide variety of vintage t-shirts and outerwear. Our one-of-a-kind, custom shoe wall carries a curated selection of Nikes and Adidas sneakers. We have re-imagined the traditional vintage store by bringing natural, outdoor elements inside our space to enhance the shopping experience for customers. Open Air Vintage allows customers to shop everything trendy, luxury and more without contributing to today’s mass-production and fast fashion.

Project Details

Open Air Vintage had a vision for their store. Satin & Slate helped realize their vision by creating a shopping environment that matched their mission statement.

Project Year: 2021

Project Cost: $20,000-25,000

General Contractor: Builder Boy

City: Long Beach, CA

Country: United States

Zip Code: 90808

Project Location

Please feel free to visit our work by shopping at Open Air Vintage located inside the Long Beach Exchange Retail shopping center.

LBX is an evolving, curated collection of local purveyors of art, food, design, fashion and other unique goods and services.

Store Address:
Open Air Vintage
3891 N Lakewood Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90808

Store Phone:
(562) 421-0999


What The Retail Space Looked Like Before It Was Remodeled

This commercial remodeling project began with an empty retail space facing the busy shopping center inside the Long Beach Exchange retail center. Utilizing existing store fixtures and keeping the cement ground, our interior designers were challenged to design a retail space with minimal tenant improvements. 


What The Retail Space Looked Like After It Was Remodeled

Once the project was completed, it was pretty obvious that the blank space that once existed was long gone and replaced with something with more character.


Hexagon Shoe Wall

Open Air’s shoe wall is like no other. The honeycombed wall catches your attention from the moment you walk into the store. The hexagons are put together with wood and each hexagon can display a pair of shoes. The light color of the wood and the light grey stucco allow for the multi-colored shoes to stand out. A sense of flow from the walls to the rest of the store is accomplished by the hints of greenery hanging from hexagons and above the hexagon.


Fitting and Photo Op Rooms

The fitting and photo op rooms’ framework was a part of the original layout of the store. However, Satin and Slate designers were able to redesign them in a way that allowed them to flow with the rest of the store. The white vertical lines outside of the rooms create a modern design and match the vertical lines on the checkout counter. Each fitting room is equipped with a unique colored mirror, stool and greenery. 

The pops of color from the flower plushes in the photo op room contrasts nicely against the grey walls. The incorporation of the blue bench also pops against the grey tones and matches the petals of the flowers.


Checkout Counter

The location of this checkout counter, the back left corner, allows for a more intimate checkout experience for the customer. The large, dark grey, sliding barn door hids the entrance to the bathrooms and the back of the store. The greenery across the counter top ties nicely to the greenery hanging from the roof and above the hexagons. The light grey chair allows the customer to relax as the associate assists them with their purchases or any other needs.

Store Layout

As stated in the name, Open Air’s store layout is very open and inviting. This is because of the natural lighting from the large front windows and the placement of the store’s fixtures. The placement of the clothing racks in the middle of the store allows customers to easily shop in them and still see the rest of the products around the store.

The shoe garden in front of the store windows can be seen from the outside of the store as well. This allows the shoes to be on display to anyone passing by and also to the people shopping within the store. The natural light from the many windows also highlights the greenery throughout the store. Satin & Slate did an amazing job of making sure that the greenery around the store was carefully placed in a way to tie all elements of the store together. When all of the store’s elements are put together, an open, clean, and easily shoppable store is created.