5 Ways to Personalize and Declutter Your Office Space

Unlike some people, I simply cannot be productive within a chaotic environment. By chaotic environment, I mean a cluttered work space. If a pencil is out of its holder, papers are unorganized, or a floating receipt for that ottoman I meant to return over two months ago, I go nuts. 

As an organization queen, here are a couple of my tips and tricks to not just decorate your office space (whether it’s at home or at work) to perfectly represent YOU, but how to organize effectively and actually keep it that way. 

01. Throw away anything that hasn’t been used in over 6 months

That pen that ran out of ink but you won’t throw out because of the way it curves to your fingers, the take out menu of that restaurant with the horrible YELP reviews, and yes, even that receipt that you are afraid to throw away even though the return date has expired. Throw. It. Away.

02. Make the most out of wall space & keep desk decor to a minimum

No matter how big your desk is, they should not be drowning in a sea of decor. This includes picture frames, awards, legal yellow pads, etc. By utilizing the wall space around you, you can hang those items either directly on the wall or with small shelving units, thus removing the clutter from your desk. This is also an excellent opportunity to showcase statement pieces which eloquently express your personality. 

03. Get a killer planner & wall calendar 

It doesn’t have to break the bank to be a fantastic planner, just something to jot down plans, ideas, meetings, goals, etc. A planner not only helps you stay organized and up to date but also holds one accountable. Not only is a desk calendar incredibly important as well, but I am a big big fan of hanging calendars, preferably ones that are dry erase. Not only are they more environmentally conscious, but they save space and can be updated immediately.

04. Use items multiple ways

Fun fact: Our lead designer, Jacqueline, studied the art of office functionality, organization and conservation of space, so, I’m not reaching when I mention that she’s basically an expert on making an office not only look amazing, but actually make sense for the occupant. So when I went to her for advice regarding office Feng shui, she had a ton of great advice. One of biggest tips she mentioned was to utilize pieces in the room for more than just one function, such as a guest chair also doubling as storage, kind of like an office ottoman, as well as a small storage bench for guests with room for storage as a  spot for an innovate filing cabinet.

05. Develop a simple, yet elegant color scheme

In addition to obvious desk clutter, keeping the decor and overall colors within the room to a minimum also appears as much, much more organized. Too many colors, and by too many, we’re meaning somewhere close to 7-8, can look incredibly congested, therefore causing the room to appear cluttered. Stick to a palette of 3-4, maybe 5 colors to base the room off of. For example, my home office has a color scheme that consists of gold, pink, white. While not every single item in the office contains those colors, all large furniture and staple pieces do, thus creating a clean color scheme. 

And those are a few of my tips and tricks! For any interior design consultations, questions, ideas or testimonies, click here.