As the epicenter of creativity and innovation, Los Angeles perpetually shapes and redefines home design trends with each passing year. With 2023 in full swing, it’s time to closely examine what’s igniting excitement and what’s fizzling out in the dynamic realm of L.A. home design. Whether you’re embarking on a renovation journey, hunting for a new abode, or simply seeking design inspiration, we’ve got you covered with the latest trends making waves and those gracefully exiting the stage in 2023.

What’s Hot


The allure of bringing the great outdoors indoors has never been more captivating. Biophilic design, which underscores a profound connection with nature, is rapidly gaining momentum within Los Angeles homes.

This design ethos acknowledges nature’s affirmative influence on human well-being and joy, aspiring to seamlessly integrate these benefits into indoor spaces. From vertical gardens and indoor verdure to authentic materials such as wood and stone, L.A. residents are crafting tranquil and grounded living environments that champion holistic health.

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A charming fusion of vintage allure and contemporary aesthetics, the “grandmillennial” trend is gracing L.A. homes with its radiant presence. Also referred to as “granny chic,” this design movement draws inspiration from bygone eras while infusing them with modern flair.

Indeed, this trend has struck a chord with millennials and younger cohorts who relish the comfort and charisma of classic design sensibilities, seamlessly interwoven with their own contemporary inclinations. Envision vintage-inspired patterns, intricate detailing, and cherished heirloom furnishings harmoniously coexisting with present-day elements. It’s a harmonious blend of yesteryear’s fondness and the vibrancy of the present.

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Sustainability has transcended its niche status, evolving into a hallmark of lavish living. Upscale L.A. residences are seamlessly melding sustainable features with a touch of opulence. Solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and repurposed materials are elegantly entwined into lavish designs, signaling an allegiance to both elegance and the environment.

These sustainable havens are geared toward minimizing ecological impact, bolstering energy efficiency, and offering inhabitants healthier and cozier living spaces.


As minimalism graciously retreats, maximalism emerges in the spotlight, championing exuberance, audacity, and self-expression within L.A. domiciles. Homeowners are eagerly embracing vibrant hues, sumptuous textures, and statement-making focal points that infuse their interiors with character. Moreover, maximalist design statements fashion visually opulent, dynamic, and captivating spaces that mirror the homeowner’s personality and passions. It’s about curating a space that tells a vivid and captivating story.

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Los Angeles, a hub of technological prowess, is wholeheartedly embracing smart home innovations like never before. These cutting-edge technologies empower homeowners to remotely oversee and automate various facets of their abode. From voice-activated illumination and thermostats to AI-driven home security systems, residences are evolving into interconnected and efficient sanctuaries, catering to the tech-savvy inclinations of their inhabitants.

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What’s Not


While monochrome design, which involves utilizing a single color or its variations throughout an interior, has its allure, the all-white, monochromatic craze is gradually fading away in Los Angeles. The city is veering toward more eclectic and expressive color schemes that mirror its vivacious energy.


The era of formulaic minimalism is ebbing away. “Cookie-cutter minimalism,” characterized by its generic and standardized approach, is making way for a more personalized and inviting aesthetic. Warmth, texture, and layers are supplanting stark minimalism, creating hospitable and comforting living spaces.


The reign of uninspired home gyms is waning. L.A. homeowners now yearn for holistic wellness havens, seamlessly integrating yoga studios, meditation nooks, and spa-like bathrooms that cater to both physical and mental well-being.


The trend of segregating spaces into single-use rooms is diminishing. While dedicated rooms for specific activities still hold appeal, adaptable layouts that accommodate various functions are becoming more desirable, aligning with the multifaceted lifestyles of Los Angeles residents.


“Over-the-top” industrial design, characterized by exaggerated and dramatic industrial elements, is losing its stronghold. Los Angeles is veering toward a refined industrial style that balances rugged aesthetics with elegance, shying away from excessive use of raw materials.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Los Angeles home design, 2023 ushers in a thrilling array of trends that celebrate nature, individuality, and technological advancement. As the city persists in pushing boundaries and embracing innovation, homeowners and designers alike are fashioning living spaces that capture L.A.’s essence while reflecting their distinctive personas. Whether you’re a minimalist seeking vibrant hues or a maximalist eager to embrace sustainable luxury, the trends of 2023 offer something for everyone.

Take the plunge, seek inspiration, and craft a home that authentically embodies the spirit of the City of Angels.

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