Most of us may not know what grout colors to avoid when remodeling. Considering what to avoid can help you create a polished and modern look to compliment your tiling, and enhance the overall aesthetic of your space.

In this article, we’ve put together a general list of grout colors you should be avoiding and why. Check them out!

featured grout to avoid

1. White Grout and maintenance don’t mix

While white grout can initially provide a clean look to an area, it can also be difficult to keep clean. This color is susceptible to staining and can show dirt and debris easily.

If you choose to use white grout, be prepared to clean it regularly.

white grout to avoid

2. Black Grout to only balance out a space

Black grout can make your indoor space look dated and weathered, and it can also be difficult to keep clean. This color can make the tile look too dark and can make small spaces look cramped.

If you absolutely must use black grout, be sure to choose a light-colored tile so that the overall look is balanced.

3. Yellow grout can be too much

When choosing grout colors for key areas, avoid yellow. Important rooms should be designed with care, and yellow grout can make any indoor space look dated and dull. It can also be difficult to keep clean.

If you must use yellow grout, choose a light shade and use it sparingly.

yellow grout on black tile to avoid

4. Orange grout is rarely it

If you’re considering using orange grout, think again. Orange grout can be quite difficult to match, and it can make your area look dated.

If you must use orange, then use an orange tile.

orange grout color between white tiles to avoid

The takeaway is that when selecting grout colors, consider what to avoid to maintain a modern and clean look. As always, consult with an expert to ensure a stunning final result!

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