Home Movie Theater Ideas: DIYs and More

Have some home movie theater ideas, but do not know where to start? Want a home movie theater and do not have any ideas? This article will give you tons of home movie theater ideas. From the type of projector to the chairs to the decorations and everything else you will need. 

If you feel like you need more guidance on designing your perfect home theater, our designers here at Satin & Slate are happy to assist you from start to finish. Our designers can not only help design your home theater space, but also assist you with all your purchasing needs. We hope this article gives you the resources you need to create your perfect home theater.

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In-Home Movie Theaters

In-home movie theaters are a great way to enjoy movies, games, and shows for the entire family. There are many different ways that you can create an in-home theater that works best for you and your home. One in-home movie theater idea is to turn your living room into a movie theater by getting a screen and projector. This way, you can enjoy the home movie theater all year around, for all your entertainment needs by replacing your living room TV with a projector. One large sofa that fits the entire family would be the best seating arrangement and would be perfect for family movie nights. If you prefer a TV in the living room and have extra space or an extra room, you may want to consider making that space your home movie theater area.

in home movie theater

Having a separate area or room for your home movie theater is a perfect way to incorporate your movie theater into your home. Basements are also a great place to put home movie theaters. If this option is available, it may work better than simply transforming your living room TV into a projector because you will be able to control the lighting and sound better. You can also put home movie theater seats into your room which will make it look more like a movie theater. The walls of this room may have movie inspired decorations and even showcase some DVDs. Smaller lights that have dimmers on them can be placed around the room in order enhance the feeling of an actual movie theater. If neither of these in-home movie theater options fits your needs, you may want to consider an outdoor movie theater.

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Outdoor Home Movie Theaters

For those who live in areas with permitting weather, an outdoor movie theater may be the perfect fit for you! If you are looking for a more permanent backyard home movie theater, you may want to consider purchasing comfortable backyard chairs. You may also want to build or purchase a frame that can project your screen or make sure to buy a waterproof movie projector screen. You will also want to do the same with your projector or even store it in a safe place when you are not using it. String lights are also a great touch for outdoor movie theaters and provide a great source of light for darker nights. If a permanent outdoors movie theater is not for you, you may want to consider a makeshift movie theater. 

outdoor home movie theater

DIY movie theater is great for summertime only theaters or for someone who cannot keep the screen up all year around. You can purchase a small stand-up screen or use a white bed sheet hung from strings in order to create a screen. This allows you to set up and take down the screen with ease. Blankets and pillows can be placed on the ground or patio furniture can be used in order to create a comfortable atmosphere. Small lights and even fire pits can be used as a source of light that does not overpower the screen. Once you have decided where you want your home movie theater, you will need to purchase a projector.

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Home Movie Theater Projector

The most important element of a home movie theater is the projector. There are so many different brands and types of projector that can be used in your home theater. The following are different projectors that may work for your home movie theater:

Portable Movie Projector

For makeshift movie theaters, you may want to consider a smaller projector. The PortoProjector is a portable mini movie projector that can be connected to a tablet, laptop, your phone, and many other electronic devices. This projector has LED display quality and has a display range of 20” to 120”. Having this projector is perfect for anyone who loves movies and adventures.

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Home Theater Projector

A great home theater projector is the Optoma home movie theater projector. This projector is perfect for the use of gaming and movies. If you are thinking of having a projector instead of a TV, then this projector is right for you. The projector is able to support 4K UHD and HDR video. The display can reach up to 301” and allows for an immersive entertainment experience.

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Home Cinema Projector

The Epson 4K Pro Home Cinema Projector is a perfect projector for movie lovers and those who want to turn a whole room into their theater. This projector has built-in speakers and can support USB, HDMI, and Bluetooth connectivity. This gives users the ability to hook-up their phones, computers, gaming consoles, and other electronic devices. The 4K PRO-UHD resolution allows for an immersive experience and the viewable screen is 40.2” – 300”.

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Home Movie Theater Seats

The movie theater seats are the next important step in putting together your home movie theater. If your living room is your movie theater, then you will want a large comfortable couch that can fit your entire family. For those who are considering a movie theater in a room, you may want to invest in some movie theater chairs, such as the following:

Reclining Movie Theater Chairs

The Octane Continental LHR is a great selection for your home movie theater. They are large, comfortable chairs that can recline back for better entertainment. These chairs also have cup holders, arm storage, and LED lights underneath the seats. These seats are even better than those found in the movie theaters. 

reclining movie theater seats

Cuddle Movie Theater Seats

The Monarch Cuddle Seats perfect for couples to share while watching a movie. The 4 Seating website even has cuddle seat sets, which allows you to purchase cuddle seats that match individual movie theater seats. The individual seats are recliners with cup holders which allows for optimal movie watching experiences. The cuddle seats are lower to the ground which makes the placements of these seating easy and that none of the seats block the view of people behind them.

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Home Movie Theater Concession Stand

No home movie theater is complete without a concession stand. Every concession has the essentials: candy, drinks, and of course popcorn. You can set up your concession stand on a table, existing cabinetry or even customize your own. Some concession stands even have a check-out counter and registers. Popcorn machines now come in all different shapes and sizes. This allows you to be able to pick the size, color and shape that fits best for your concession stand. Boxed candy and soda bottles ties the movie theater concession stand look together. Adding details such as light and decorations can really pull theater together.

home movie theater concession stand
home theater concession stand

Home Movie Theater Decor

The final touches of your home movie theater is what really brings the space together. Using movie inspired decorations or fan club items, is a great way to decorate the walls of your movie theater room. You can also build or purchase shelves that allow you to display all your DVDs. Movie posters are also a great way to create the true movie theater feel. For more home movie theaters ideas contact us today!

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