If progress happens at the pace in which our designers create, attention to detail is important. Our Satin & Slate renovation has been going amazing. For the past few weeks, it’s been nothin’ but whislin’ while workin’ for the crew. Imagine new floors, sparkling chandeliers (more pictures of them later, promise), sleek displays and a bevy of materials. Throw in a side of new projects with nail-biting deadlines and weekend installations for good measure. How did we survive?? Duh! An amazing crew and (probably) illegal amounts of french fry and caffeine consumption. Don’t judge!


Satin & Slate Renovation



When dealing with space planning, kitchen and bath design, lighting concepts – basically all types of design, it’s only fair that we trick out our studio/showroom/office in a way that allows us to play continuously. Because after all, we want the kind of environment that spurs ingenuity and originality. And now that the sawdust has settled and been disposed of properly, we can finally start organizing and styling. It’s not the full reveal, just a quick update of the action that’s been happening around here. Scroll down to see images of our almost-but-not-quite-finished-yet revamped space.


Check out these cool progress shots!

renovation renovation
renovation renovation

Stark white built-ins were installed so we can store and display a tremendous selection of finishes and stylish accessories. Whether you’re doing a small update or a full-scale remodel, we’ve got options for you.


renovation renovation

New projects call for new inspirations! Now we can showcase our paint swatches (organized by color, of course), magazines, and product catalogs that will fuel our creativity – just in case we need a spark of inspiration.


renovation renovation


Fun fact: we’re sort of neat freaks around here. So given the amount of samples laying around, we just crave to keep everything sorted and labeled. The back wall with built-in shelves will soon be brimming with books and bins of fabric samples, tons of wallpaper, trim and so much more.



And at last, this is where we collaborate, challenge and inspire AKA where the magic happens, obviously. We work hard and play hard. And as much as we love to have fun, we’re always ready to buckle down and focus. Speaking of, time to get back to work. Team meeting starting in 3, 2…


Satin and Slate Interiors