Roosevelt Bathroom Remodel

This transitional bathroom remodel is another great example of a successful remodel done by Satin & Slate. From top to bottom, from start to finish, Satin & Slate worked with the homeowners in order to make their bathroom dreams come true. This transitional style came together due to the selection of tile, color palette, hardware and finishes. All of these beautiful elements come together to create the masterpiece that is this bathroom remodel. 

Project: 2022

Construction Company: Builder Boy

City: Fullerton, CA

Country: United States

Zip Code: 90621


Seamless Kitchen Remodel & Install

One of the standout features within this mid-century kitchen is the exceptional, tailor-made cabinetry and vanity. The cabinet arrangement has been thoughtfully designed to maximize both space and fluidity. The integration of elongated cabinets not only lends a distinctive aesthetic appeal but also provides the homeowners with additional storage room. The inclusion of a dual vanity configuration is particularly well-suited for a shared kitchen, granting each individual their own dedicated area. The faucets adorning the dual vanity are the Kohler Alteo Widespread faucets, boasting a vibrant brushed nickel finish that adds a touch of elegance.

Dominating the scene, a generously sized and splendid mirror is complemented by the exquisite Visual Comfort Calliope Tall Bath light, which emanates an enchanting radiance. The dual vanity gracefully extends around a corner, seamlessly transitioning into a dedicated makeup vanity. This makeup vanity serves as an ideal preparation space for any occasion, ensuring a delightful and functional area for all grooming needs.

Long Beach Entire Home Remodel