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Why Fashion’s Influence on Interior Design Matters

You know that scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep absolutely shreds Anne Hathaway’s self esteem to pieces? You’re probably thinking, which one? How silly of me, let me explain. Meryl Streep, otherwise known as Miranda Priestly, big time magazine editor at Runway holds a dress fitting in her office alongside her staff as well as […]

5 Instagram Worthy Cities in SoCal You Need To Visit

It’s that time of year again. It’s nearly time to head back to school and things are getting a bit hectic, but you’re still thinking of a last minute road trip to take with loved ones, friends or even by yourself. As California is known for having one of the most photogenic landscapes across the country, […]

How to Make Any Room Extra Glam

If you’ve been following us on Instagram (which you definitely should be, @satinandslate) you know that lately we’ve been inspired by a lot of blush tones, delicate accents and lavish interiors. While everyones definition of glam can be vastly different, ours means good old fashion, over the top decadence within a home. Here are a […]

5 Things Every Incoming College Student Needs

As August approaches, the thought of starting college in just a few weeks is accompanied by a variety of mixed emotions. Some happy, some sad, and some who have absolutely no idea how to feel. No matter what you’re feeling, here is a list of things every incoming college student should have. #1. Wall Decor When […]

5 Ways to Personalize and Declutter Your Office Space

Unlike some people, I simply cannot be productive within a chaotic environment. By chaotic environment, I mean a cluttered work space. If a pencil is out of its holder, papers are unorganized, or a floating receipt for that ottoman I meant to return over two months ago, I go nuts.  As an organization queen, here […]

How to Harmoniously Blend Two Different Design Styles

Those that know me (or follow me on Instagram) know that I take the color pink very, seriously. By seriously, I mean that nearly everything in my life is pink: my bedroom, my wardrobe, my cell phone, my laptop, the interior of my car (I’m not joking) and if I had things my way even […]


Best Mid Century Modern Architecture in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a Southern California vacation hotspot for many reasons, one of them being the fact that it is incredibly hot. Another, are the iconic, mid century modern homes artfully placed throughout the city. Since the 1920’s, progressive architects such as John Lautner and Donald Wexler, have designed sleek, low-lying and flat-roofed, modern homes that truly embrace […]

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Top 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Design

Designers of all sorts have quickly discovered that Instagram is so much more than a place to share what you ate for lunch or your most recent #selfie, it’s actually crucial for business.  Since its unveiling in 2010, Instagram has become a discovery hub for designers’ ideas, partnerships and next great project.  Here’s a list […]