Meet Our Interior Designers and the Interior Design Team at Satin and Slate Interiors in Long Beach, CA

Get to know out interior designers and the rest of the design team that makes up Satin & Slate. We strongly believe that a good working relationship begins with a proper introduction. At Satin & Slate, we pair you with an interior designer or a member of that staff that best suits your personality and style. You have the option to work with one contact though out your entire project. Please feel free to learn more about our interior designers by reading a little bit about them below. Please scroll down to learn more or click on a photo above to jump to their profile below.

Hannah - Interior Designer


Hannah | Interior Designer

Hannah is the newest addition to the Satin and Slate team. She has joined us from a small town in Northern California called Lake Tahoe, where she mainly grew up skiing and ski racing. Her athletic career took her many places when it came to traveling and education. She attended the University of Nevada-Reno where she started off as a Division 1 Ski Racing Athlete, ultimately graduating with a Liberal Arts degree in both English and Photography in 2012. Some of the best education that she received can be attributed to her parents who encouraged traveling over sitting in a classroom. Traveling to many foreign countries instilled in her a love of architecture and culture. Her parents were business owners of their own construction company, which she was a part of for 10 years prior to their retirement. For Hannah, this experience birthed a love of architecture and ultimately helped her decide to pursue a degree in Interior Design. In 2018, she graduated Valedictorian from the Art Institute of California- Sacramento. While attending school, she worked for a couple of award-winning interior designers in the North Lake Tahoe area, where she worked on many new-construction residential homes, commercial remodels and a few hospitality projects. Recently, she decided to exchange mountain life for the beach life by moving to San Pedro to pursue and expand her design career.

In her free time, you will find her exploring her new surroundings in the form of food, museums, shops and historical places. Or you can always find her at the beach catching some waves.

Betty Lang - Interior Designer


Betty | Interior Designer

Betty grew up in Southern California in the Little Saigon area where she was exposed to the multi-cultural food and people. Betty developed a passion for food and design at an early age since she grew up in a family of restaurateurs. Betty earned her bachelor’s degree in interior design at the Art Institute of California – Orange County. In design school her final thesis project was a boutique hotel and that started her path to working for some of Orange County’s top architecture and design firms. Her previous experience ranges from model homes to large scaled casinos projects. Betty’s background in floral design brings a special touch to her sense of style. She would describe her style as modern organic and would often try to incorporate some mid-century pieces in her projects whenever possible. Her love of mixing colors and textures show in her work. She creates warm and inviting spaces that are not only beautiful but functional while still representing the client’s vision.

After having worked for some of the top design and architecture firms in Orange County and Los Angeles she moved to Las Vegas for a few years to pursue more opportunities in the hospitality design world. She recently moved back to California to be closer to her family and is ready for a fresh start.

Betty is constantly searching for what’s new in the food and art scene, as well as new destinations to travel to in order to feed her soul and stay inspired. She loves the outdoors so when she’s planning a trip it usually involves a road trip in the wilderness or relaxing somewhere near the water. In her spare time, she loves to cook, listen to music, and binge watch her favorite shows. She leads a very busy lifestyle but will always find time to spend with her family and friends since they are the most important people in her life.

What inspires you?
I think there is inspiration everywhere and I get inspired at any given moment whether I’m taking a scroll in the park or sipping a cup of tea at a cute little tea shop. When I am designing, I try to get to know the clients first then I work with the architecture of the space before I jump into the design concept.

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?
I love to organize and clean! I am all about the art of Feng Shui living!


Michael | Design Assistant

Michael Liquigan is proud of his Southern California roots and is happy to become a part of a design team that’s close to home and the places he enjoys hanging out. Michael graduated from Cal State University, Northridge with a BS in Interior Design but originally studied to become an elementary school teacher. It was after redesigning his bedroom that he turned to interior design as a field of study and is so glad he made that switch. Now he gets to lend his talent to creating beautiful spaces for Satin and Slate clients! Michael has experience working on commercial and residential projects including model homes, leasing offices, clubhouses, & recreational buildings for multi-family developments.  Although he learned a lot in the commercial design field, he is very excited to switch gears and dive into expanding his skill set in residential design. He loves to mix various styles to create unique spaces that feature bold and moody neutral tones with pops of color.  Michael is always up for any challenge or project and executes his design with a lot of thought and creativity.

Outside of the office, Michael enjoys hanging out with friends, playing basketball, volleyball, gaming, & going out on the town in LA and Orange County.

What’s your process in design?

First, I like to determine a color scheme then go from there. I feel that color has the most impact on our eyes and really sets the tone for the overall design.

What was the best concert you ever attended?

I would say Coachella 2017! It was a thousand concerts in one and a good amount of my favorite artists performed all weekend.


Jill | Hardscape & Landscape Designer

Growing up, Jill’s parents wanted a vacation house to bring together their large blended family of eight kids. So, every five years, they would design a house, have it built, then sell it at a profit. Fun was important: that first house on the Gulf Coast, had a pool table, a dock, and even a fireman’s pole to slide down from the loft. Jill’s first experience in design was going with her mother to choose fabrics for their home when she was just a little girl. During one project, she was able to convince her parents to let her design and draw their plunge pool. The neighborhood developer was so impressed by it, that he had Jill’s plunge pool design put into every one of his home designs from that day forward.

Jill is now an Architectural Designer with 17 years of experience working as a Principal, Project Designer, and Project Manager in Los Angeles area design-build firms, with a portfolio that encompasses architectural, interior, furniture, and landscape design. She has successfully designed and built projects at a wide range of scales: from furniture design, residential and commercial structures, up to the scale of landscape, urban design, and infrastructure. Her progressive work has received accolades including the AIA:LA Presidential Certificate and has been published in Los Angeles Magazine.

Jill earned her BA from Brown University, graduating with Cum Laude honors. She then received her master’s degree in architecture from SCI-Arc in 2003, as well as a Master’s Degree in Archaeology & Anthropology from Cambridge University. Additionally, she traveled Europe on a US-EU fellowship, and studied architecture at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany for a semester.

Jill has advocated for adaptive material reuse as the Design Principal of a successful reclaimed wood start-up for 7 years. In addition to solely designing its bespoke and in-house furniture line, she has consulted with numerous hospitality and commercial clients, such as W Hotels, Google, and PayPal, as well as numerous architects and designers, on how to incorporate this environmentally friendly material into their building projects.

Her professional experience is cross disciplinary and grounded in real-world construction which includes working for architectural design-build firms, contractors, landscape design-build firms, and interior designers throughout her career.

How do you feel your designs can give back to the community? What do you work towards on your free time?

In addition to work with homeless charities, I’m working with local advocacy groups on finding ways for middle-class Angelinos to be able to afford their own homes. It seems crazy that stable middle-income earners such as teachers, nurses, and paralegals can seldom afford to own their own homes here. And part of the solution must be design, whether it’s accessory dwelling units, tiny house communities, prefabs, or shipping container houses. I want to be part of the solution.

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?

Gardening! Weeding is my cardio.

Marco | Interior Design Intern

Based in Los Angeles, Marco Calderon captivates his audience with his brilliant interior design skills using a chic and modern approach. Known throughout social circles for his personal style, you can see his personality and taste reflected in his work.

Imaginative yet precise, his environments are influenced by both Japanese and European architecture. Having studied at the Art Institute of Hollywood, California, he finds his inspiration in art books and fashion blogs, as well as architecture blogs and simply just walking around his neighborhood in Koreatown. As for his work, he would like to inspire his audience with what they may have never seen; surreal yet aesthetically beautiful.


How do you feel your designs can give back to the community?

 I believe that designing a space where a client can feel safe and at the same time pleased and happy to be in the space, is how I feel like I give back to the community with my designs.


Who inspires you?

I would have to say people. People inspire me in many ways everyday. Whether when I’m walking to the local grocery store or at work. I’m always learning from people, and I take with my a little part of me each time I meet someone new. It can be their sense of fashion, style, even culture or personality.